The most important Discovery in Iniesta is the Iberian mosaic of Cerro Gil, “Mosaic of Diosa Alada” of Iniesta.

It is a piece made of pebbles of different tones of color showing three different figures. The mosaic was the anteroom of a tomb, where four funeral urns were discovered with grave goods.

Despite the fact that the excavation of Necropolis didn’t start until 1997, the official presentation was in 2005 in the national congress of Iberian archeology. On 19 th May of 2006 it was shown to the inhabitants of Iniesta.

This mosaic is unique from that period and there is nothing similar in our country.

The originality of this mosaic is that in the V Century B.C these kind of mosaic were geometrics. While this one shows three figures, a Wolf, The Diosa Alada, and the third was destroyed but it seems that it was a horse. The mosaic is a part of the exhibition of the museum where it can be seen next to grace goods and the tomb where it was found.